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introducing rev

rev is a community of builders, founders, creatives, and researchers in boston. this is a space where students collaborate to work on side projects and take any idea from inception to reality.

ready to meet other students building cool stuff? we're accepting new members on a rolling basis!

the rev experience

weekly coworking session

max out your productivity by working alongside other exceptional students in a stimulating environment.

community events

connect with other rev fellows through movie nights, dinners, hackathons, game nights, yacht parties, and more.

diverse verticals

venture into cutting-edge tech like ai, neurotech, ar/vr, or pursue your weekend passion project. no idea is a bad idea.

lightning talks

teach each other something new and learn by teaching. share insights, gain knowledge, and elevate your skill set.

rev launch

show your progress to each other + top innovators & investors in the boston entrepreneurial ecosystem.

lifetime membership

stay connected with rev upon graduating from our cohort. share your progress & resources with other rev fellows, and build friendships that last a lifetime.

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